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Paper Recommendation

This was written a few days ago:

Since JC Penney’s is changing strategies, their advertisements have changed also.  We receive their advertisements in our local paper.

Why am I talking about department stores?  Their paper makes beautiful paper beads.  It isn’t perfect because it isn’t quite thick enough.  However, the shiny paper has a lot of solid blocks of color.  They can easily only have one model on a page, which does mean a lot of color is available to use in paper beads.  Recycling adds to the positiveness of this recommendation.  And there you have it.  Consider JC Penney advertisements when choosing the paper you can use for your next project.

May 28, 2012 –  Follow-up

Bead shape and paper have a direct correlation.  The beads above are quite useable for jewelry.  The shape works with the paper.  The beads below are a problem.  I may be able to apply ink or something else to help, but you have to admit, they aren’t useable at this moment.

As gentle as I believe I was when cutting and then making the bead, the paper doesn’t reflect it.  The paper was too thin.  Again, I am learning to plan ahead and decide on the end product before I start cutting paper. (who knew? ;-))

Think Creatively and Don’t Forget to Consider your Materials,
Janet (janettalk)

Paper Jewelry Collection

I was recently included in a Paper Jewelry treasury on Etsy.  If you get a chance, take a look.  [click on paper treasury in the prior sentence to go to the treasury.]  Yes, I know.  You think I’m doing this because of my own shop.  However, there are a variety of items.  It is interesting to see how people use paper as an accessory.  I notice quite a bit of geometry: rectangles, circles, triangles, cones, etc.  May the following pictures recharge your imagination for your specific art.

Paper Jewelry Wire Wrapped Earrings

Fashion Jewelry SALE Butterfly Jewelry Paper Jewelry Fantasy Necklace with Red and Yellow Elevated Butterflies. Gifts Under 100 USD. 19N34

Red Nacho  paper earrings
Multicolor paper earrings, woven earrings, paper jewelry handmade, unique earrings

Origami bracelet , handmade paper jewelry ,bangles, black bracelet,pearl

Paper Jewelry - Recycled Paper Earrings - Black and White

Paper jewelry - Dreamy green Necklace

Paper jewelry -origami white bracelet- eco friendly

Paper jewelry Origami necklace - Dark red and natural paper

Paper mache bracelet BOOK LOVER - pink felt beads and paper mache beads from book pages - stylish paper jewelry by drudruchu

Chunky Green Bracelet - The Laughing Bangle Bracelet - Decoupage Paper Jewelry - happy, silly, Dr. Seuss

Origami Earrings - Black and White Geometric Paper Jewelry   12B023E

Papier mâché - "AUTUMN" -  Hand painted - Handmade - Earrings - Ring - Artisan jewelry - Paper jewelry

sale - 20%OFF - Conjoined Twins - cameo brooch, paper jewelry  - illustrated freak show - ivory, round

Pink Earrings - Paper jewelry - Big round earrings - Paper weave - Weave, big, round, bold, Fuchsia pink, White, checks pattern, texture

Paper Jewelry - Recycled Paper Bead Bangle
Thanks to the creator of this treasury, PhotoEngravingGift.[click to see this shop.]

Janet (janettalk)

Project: Recycling Toilet Paper Rolls

I recycle paper to make paper beads.  I take paper beads and make jewelry.  It isn’t brain surgery, but I do give it thought and care.  But then I find pictures of people who take the core of toilet paper rolls and make mini albums.  I wonder who originally came up with the idea of recycling THIS paper?  Who Knew?

I provide the following pictures in case this is a new idea for you.

The creator of this album is A Scraphappy Southernbelle.  You can see her website by clicking on the site name.

I include no directions.  If you see the two pictures above, you understand the principle.  The “create” part is in the maker’s hands.

Thanks for reading,
Janet (janettalk)

How does one follow Janna Syvanoja’s jewelry?

Before I added my last post I knew trouble was ahead.  How could my paper beads follow Janna Syvanoja’s beautiful work?

I am avoiding that and instead adding the work of Holly Anne Mitchell.

Based on a search of the internet I believe that the above necklace is probably her most famous piece.  However, the paper bead necktie below may be my favorite.  It is so creative and detailed.  It must have taken a tremendous amount of time.  Before this, I never thought of using paper beads for neckties. (and I am confident this is something I will not try!)

I would be remiss if I didn’t include the link where I first read about Ms. Mitchell.  She was written about in Michigan Today, University of Michigan.

Copyright related issues are always a concern.  I am not asking to copy their work. It is my own curiosity.  I’d really like to know how Janna Syvanoja makes those smooth cuts and folds for her paper jewelry, and how Holly Mitchell added the tube beads to the above necklace.

[I have to ask, do these two ladies humble you as much as they humble me?)

Think Creatively,
Janet (janettalk)

New Year and Paper Beads

The new year is around the corner.  I’m weighing what is next for my recycled paper beads.  As I have said before, there are a lot of more important things in this world than recycling some paper each year.  But this is something I enjoy.  The creative aspect and thinking through a project is good for me. (And I hope you.)

A fairly large map was in one of the magazines my Dad gave me.  There is a lot of black.  I’m considering making many black beads of different styles.  One issue is making a bead in black can go wrong so easily.  I simply can’t always see the lines as I put the thin, black paper on a toothpick.

I look at this paper and see so much potential.  I also see questions.  Will I be able to create something unique?  Will anyone be wearing this paper in the next year? How much time will it take to make interesting (dare I say beautiful) beads from such a large piece of black paper?   And the true ultimate question for all of us, What Will 2012 Bring?

Think Creatively,
Janet (janettalk)

Christmas, Paper, and Organization?

Christmas is just a few days away.  In a word:  Yikes!

There is so much to do, that I have been a delinquent jeweler and blogger.  I am trying to clean and organize my house for guests and the paper beading supplies that I have in abundance are a real clutter problem.  How do you organize?

Honestly, I don’t think it is possible.  My best guess:  I organized loose paper (C)by color and magazines (B) got their own box.  The long strips of paper (A) that have been cut are the problem.  There is no way to make it neat.  Or even “neatish.”

Now I have to figure what to do with this since I organized?  Hmmmm.

It is ironic that I began paper beading to use some of the paper lying around to make something beautiful from “pre-enjoyed” paper.  But now I have an even larger collection of paper because of paper beads.

Think creatively, (even about storage)
Janet (janettalk)

The Paper Bead Hourglass Shape

While watching TV tonight, I made another bead.  The hourglass bead is an interesting shape and worth a serious try.

My Experience:   It took longer than normal, even though I realize this is a new process for me.  Adding the glue during the bead creation made for a bit of a “sticky” situation.  I call it an hourglass bead, because that is the closest comparison I could make to the final shape.  My camera was not “happy” as you can tell by the last photograph.

I saw the template for this bead on the internet.  Naturally, I didn’t read the directions.  😉  This is what I did:
1.  Cut a one inch strip.
2. Folded strip in half lengthwise.

3.  Took a ruler and marked folded strip so there are two tapered legs.
4.  Cut with scissors while holding paper fold together.

I began by rolling this on the solid side.  As you continue, the legs come into play.  Both sides need to be rolled at approximately the same speed.  At the same time, make sure the straight line of the outside edge stays on “itself” as you continue. In other words, don’t let the legs move toward the center.  I occasionally had to glue in order to keep the paper in place.  Even though it was not quick, I like the end result.

There is a pending question: Can two matching beads be made?  (for earrings.)  Hmmmm.

Think Creatively,
Janet (janettalk)

Paper Beads from the Design You Print

I center my paper beading around recycling paper.  I did use watercolors to create a specific paper bead when someone had a request, but normally it is simply paper from magazines, mailers, ads from newspapers, and scrapbook paper I have in my stash.

There is another way to get the paper you want.  Julie A. Bolduc at paperbeadcrafts.com has a program that will print designs on paper based on the user’s preferences.  She gives information regarding the intervals of the design and shape of bead desired.  You choose.  I suppose it is technically not recycling, but it may be worth a look.  It could also give you more paper beading ideas.  You also need a good color printer.  (Which brings up the subject of toner cartridges, but that is a topic for another day.)

                         [Regarding printing your own paper for beads, I have a confession.  I never thought of that!]

A good point of the program:  It is not downloaded to your computer.   I am always wary of those type programs.  Below is one of her designs.  I can see where this blue border would a beautiful tube bead.

Thank you Ms. Bolduc for your hardwork.

Think creatively,
Janet (janettalk)

Coming:  I use the above program….

Paper Bowl, Part 3

Just a quick note:  I am still using the paper bowl I made November 3.  It holds small beads while I am working.  My only problem is that it remains a wee bit sticky.  Not sure where that came from, but I thought I’d report it.  If I had made a larger one, I think the stickiness would be a problem.

Think creatively,
Janet (janettalk)

Do You Create Anything with Paper from Your Shredder? part 1

After my trip, I am overwhelmed with laundry, etc.  Don’t ask me why I decided to try this.

I remember reading some time ago how to make bowls out of recycled paper.  Not wanting to bother with reading directions, I jumped in.  (Note:  this is NOT a good way to start……)  Can you make a small bowl from shredded paper?

This is day one.  It looks a mess.

I used paper from our shredder, Mod Podge, measuring cup, and plastic wrap.  You will understand what I did by looking at this picture.

After this dries, I’ll add another coat tonight.  When I test the final product, I’ll take a quick picture and share.

Do you make anything with your shredded paper?

Now I’ll get back to my real life.

Keep beading,
Janet (janettalk)