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Paper Beads From a Theme Park Map?

We recently visited a theme park and I kept the map.  (You can see how we folded it while at the park.)  Will the paper be able to stand up to the pitfalls of paper bead making?   We begin with the map.

I’m not sure how long it will take, but I’ll document this as I go.  Thank you for visiting as I look at the potential beads to be made from this used (pre-enjoyed) map.

Stay Tuned,
Janet (janettalk)

Wrap and Roll – Paper Bead Tools

Okay.  You decide to make paper beads.  What tool do you use after the paper is cut?  The size of the canal through the paper bead is decided at this point.  There are a variety of options, but below is a list of more common objects.

Small Dowel
Chop Stick
Orange Stick
Q-Tip with cotton cut off
Drinking Straw
Tools available for purchase, made specifically for this purpose

I have used toothpicks, Q-tip sticks and straws.  The straw, obviously makes a larger canal through the bead in case it needs, for example, to go over a clasp.

Last night was the first time I used a Q-tip stick. (below)  For me, the stick felt too short to easily roll the paper.  However, I would use it again.

As you see below, the paper rolled on a straw fit this necklace beautifully. This bead rolled on a toothpick would not have made it past the clasp on this necklace.
Think about how you plan to use the bead before you begin.
P.S. Isn’t this a wearable, fun pendant for summer even if I do say so myself!

For me it is preferable to repurpose an object rather than buy something new. After all, the paper is definitely repurposed.  Why change the theme?

Wrap and Roll Those Paper Beads!

Think Creatively,
Janet (janettalk)

A Lonely Paper Bead Finds A Home

On November 27, 2011, I wrote about creating free form beads.  The unusual shape of one of the beads “struck my fancy.”  I thought it would be a good earring.  Unfortunately I could not make a second one.  It sat alone, until I realized, this lone bead would make a charming pendant. It took a while, but here it is.

I am happy with the result.

There is an odd phenomenon when specifically making paper earrings.  Two is needed.  I couldn’t create anything close to a twin.  But that didn’t mean the lonely bead couldn’t make a very nice piece of jewelry.  If you have lone beads, take another look.  You never know what those beads could be.

Happy Creating,
Janet (janettalk)

Paper Bead Shapes – Part III

As of late, I seem to be in a “paper bead shape” mood.  Yikes.  I hope it is useful to you in someway.

Yesterday I decided to make beads that were not such a dark color. Something that was pastel and “happy.”  Unfortunately it seemed to a bad rolling day. (Is that even possible?!)  No two matched and since I am using scrapbook remnants, running out of paper.  Changing things up may help.  Instead of going to an internet template, I went free form.  Try it yourself.  You could come up with a shape that is “gold.”

You can see from the picture above, that most of my beads are fairly regular in size and shape.  Now take a look at Bead A.  At first I didn’t see anything special.  Suddenly I realized that Bead A would make a wonderful dangle earring.  There is my “gold” in the experimentation.  Can I make a second one?  I’ll find out today.

Even if it is a little thing like paper beads, don’t be reluctant to try something new.  Sometimes flying without a net is helpful to the creative process.  No matter what you do, try to find your own gold.

Think Creatively,
Janet (janettalk)

Paper Recycle at Christmas – “I can do that.”

Do you ever see something in a store or in someone’s home and say “I can do that.”?  We never do…..   But this maybe something you will actually do.  It saves money, reuses paper, and helps keep the memories of Christmas alive.

Christmas cards may become something of the past, but a few people still send them.  After Christmas is over, keep the cards that can fit into your smaller picture frames. I encourage you to cull and keep what speaks to you.  Be aware of the size of your frames, but don’t be afraid to trim the cards if necessary.  Below is something I use every Christmas season.  It was a card from a friend. (Thank you Linda.)

I normally make my pictures  square for this blog, but this rectangle frame doesn’t lend itself to that.  However, this is a good example of how the framing Christmas cards can work for you.

Okay.  Before I go, some of you may say you’ve been doing this for years.  Good!  But we live in such a throw-away society.  There are people who find it faster to just throw away Christmas cards after the new year.  I am hoping there will be people (or person) who says, “Wow.  I can do that.”  Then actually do it!

Think creatively,
Janet (janettalk)

To Ring or Not to Ring

I have a friend who is interested in making a ring.(not a paper bead ring, just a ring in general)  Since I am a paper bead “jeweler” I’ve never pursued rings. But it made me wonder about paper-beading it.   After reading several web sites, I very quickly put this together last night.

The wire was reused from another project and the bead was one I made early in my paper bead-making.  Both items seemed appropiate for an experiment.

I wore it today.  The main reason I didn’t want to make rings with paper beads is people wash their hands with their jewelry on.  After all, what’s the point of having jewelry if you can’t enjoy it?  My plan was to be careful, but at the mall one of the first things I did was wash my hands in the ladies room.  Right as my hand went under the water I saw the ring.  Too late.

If the ring decides to mutiny on me, I’ll add a picture later.  Right now it seems okay.

Paper Bead Jewelers, do you make beads and use them in rings?

Keep Thinking Creatively,
Janet (janettalk)

Back to Work

I’m back.  We went on a short trip where my husband attended a conference, and my sister and I did fun things.  Theme Parks!

The weather was perfect.  No one got sick.  No complaints.

But I do have a few comments.

1. Mickey recycles.  (And yes, I actually did take a picture of trash cans….)

2.  Mickey provides clean theme parks.

3.  Mickey wants a whole lot of Your money to maintain theme parks.

4.  If your sister talks you into walking a nature trail at the hotel, think twice before you go.

We had no encounters of the dangerous kind.

4.  There was a booth in one of the theme parks that actually had paper beads and paper bead jewelry.  I believe it was “Bead for Life” related.  (I didn’t buy anything there.  For whatever reason, there is something inside of me that says make your own beads. So I do!)

Speaking of which, I came back and started rolling green paper for beads.  I am at the Mod Podge stage.  I’ll show pictures later.

Remember to make some time for your own creative pursuits.

Janet (janettalk)