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Paper Bead “Cheat Sheet”

I found a web site that contains more templates for paper beads.  The author calls it a “cheat sheet”.  Since I can’t seem to embed it, I’ll add the link.  The web site is called Cut Out and Keep.    From my laptop I can’t quite seem to read the exact measurements for the beads, but I don’t think it matters.  The goal is the finished shape.

For those of you who make paper beads, I hope it sparks your interests and ideas.

Janet (janettalk)

Special Note:  Thanks to everyone at Cut Out and Keep.

DVD Recommendation

This is totally off the topic of paper beads, but I wanted to add a quick recommendation for the DVD series Monarch of the Glen. Produced by the BBC, it is interesting, funny, and simply a good story.  The series was filmed in the highlands of Scotland. That alone is reason enough to watch!  Unofficially I’d rate it a G, even though I don’t think smaller children would find it entertaining.  Our local library has most of the series.  Maybe yours will too!