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Paper Recommendation

This was written a few days ago:

Since JC Penney’s is changing strategies, their advertisements have changed also.  We receive their advertisements in our local paper.

Why am I talking about department stores?  Their paper makes beautiful paper beads.  It isn’t perfect because it isn’t quite thick enough.  However, the shiny paper has a lot of solid blocks of color.  They can easily only have one model on a page, which does mean a lot of color is available to use in paper beads.  Recycling adds to the positiveness of this recommendation.  And there you have it.  Consider JC Penney advertisements when choosing the paper you can use for your next project.

May 28, 2012 –  Follow-up

Bead shape and paper have a direct correlation.  The beads above are quite useable for jewelry.  The shape works with the paper.  The beads below are a problem.  I may be able to apply ink or something else to help, but you have to admit, they aren’t useable at this moment.

As gentle as I believe I was when cutting and then making the bead, the paper doesn’t reflect it.  The paper was too thin.  Again, I am learning to plan ahead and decide on the end product before I start cutting paper. (who knew? ;-))

Think Creatively and Don’t Forget to Consider your Materials,
Janet (janettalk)

Paper Jeweler: Tia Kramer

I enjoy featuring artists and jewelers who produce paper jewelry.  Today I want to share the name Tia Kramer.  Her website is: www.tiakramerjewelry.com.  From her biographic information, her work has been featured in magazines and galleries.   [This is only brief information.  If you are interested in her work, please visit her website.]

Her pieces are geometric and very beautiful.  I wouldn’t classify Tia’s work as paper beads, just paper.  (well, okay, not “just” paper.) 😉

I took this picture directly from her website.  As I said earlier, beautiful.

Even though most of us may never reach this level, I hope you are inspired by this necklace. I am.

Think Creatively,
Janet (janettalk)

Paper Jewelry Collection

I was recently included in a Paper Jewelry treasury on Etsy.  If you get a chance, take a look.  [click on paper treasury in the prior sentence to go to the treasury.]  Yes, I know.  You think I’m doing this because of my own shop.  However, there are a variety of items.  It is interesting to see how people use paper as an accessory.  I notice quite a bit of geometry: rectangles, circles, triangles, cones, etc.  May the following pictures recharge your imagination for your specific art.

Paper Jewelry Wire Wrapped Earrings

Fashion Jewelry SALE Butterfly Jewelry Paper Jewelry Fantasy Necklace with Red and Yellow Elevated Butterflies. Gifts Under 100 USD. 19N34

Red Nacho  paper earrings
Multicolor paper earrings, woven earrings, paper jewelry handmade, unique earrings

Origami bracelet , handmade paper jewelry ,bangles, black bracelet,pearl

Paper Jewelry - Recycled Paper Earrings - Black and White

Paper jewelry - Dreamy green Necklace

Paper jewelry -origami white bracelet- eco friendly

Paper jewelry Origami necklace - Dark red and natural paper

Paper mache bracelet BOOK LOVER - pink felt beads and paper mache beads from book pages - stylish paper jewelry by drudruchu

Chunky Green Bracelet - The Laughing Bangle Bracelet - Decoupage Paper Jewelry - happy, silly, Dr. Seuss

Origami Earrings - Black and White Geometric Paper Jewelry   12B023E

Papier mâché - "AUTUMN" -  Hand painted - Handmade - Earrings - Ring - Artisan jewelry - Paper jewelry

sale - 20%OFF - Conjoined Twins - cameo brooch, paper jewelry  - illustrated freak show - ivory, round

Pink Earrings - Paper jewelry - Big round earrings - Paper weave - Weave, big, round, bold, Fuchsia pink, White, checks pattern, texture

Paper Jewelry - Recycled Paper Bead Bangle
Thanks to the creator of this treasury, PhotoEngravingGift.[click to see this shop.]

Janet (janettalk)

Paper Jewelry Book Review – “Handmade Paper Jewelry”

After another trip to the local library, I found “Handmade Paper Jewelry”  Interestingly it is by Heidi Borchers, Candace Liccoine, and Tiffany Windsor.  These ladies are the three daughters of Aleene Jackson.  Yes, the famous Aleene of Aleene’s Glues and Adhesives. (I no longer have possession of the book, so I’m not sure of the publisher. I believe it is Sterling Publishing, but don’t hold me to that.)

The book concentrates on paper jewelry, but not the traditional paper bead.  For example, the dragonfly you see on the cover was made from a grocery bag.  There is also: a metallic decoupage jewelry set; a butterfly gift wrap necklace; and a bracelet using ceramic tiles and metallic paper.  In total there are 40 projects.

Art, talent, innovation, even recycling can take on many forms.  Since I didn’t have many of the products required, I didn’t find this book particularly inspiring. But it may be just the creative trigger for you.

Visit your local library and see what mysteries await!

Janet (janettalk)

P.S.  While researching Sterling Publishing, I saw they have more paper-related reference books.  Hmmm.  I may need to check into that further.

Book Review: The Art of Jewelry: Paper Jewelry

I found the following book at my local library:
The Art of Jewelry
Paper Jewelry
by Marthe Le Van
Lark Books
ISBN: 1-57990-814-4

The book is hardcover and beautifully photographed.  Instructions are in large enough print so that they can be easily read.  The author not only includes pictures of paper jewelry, but instructions and on occasion, templates.  The price on the cover is $24.95, but with a little research, you can find it for less than $20.00

Some of the 35 projects include paper I normally don’t have around.  Maybe you do, but I don’t have acrylic sheets, vellum, or a huge quantity of high-density polyethylane-fiber envelopes.  In other words, the emphasis is not recycling.  Fair enough.  Every book cannot have everything for everyone.

I tried one of the simpler projects, and was able to successfully complete it.  If you have any background with paper art, you should be able to follow the instructions.

The best part of the The Art of Jewelry: Paper Jewelry: Ideas for paper jewelry I would describe as more elegant and upscale than you normally see.

The worse part for me was probably the more complicated projects seemed just a bit out of reach.  For example, the picture on the cover was a bracelet made from 700 2-inch circles of white vellum.  It is beautiful and I want to try it, but realistically I doubt I ever will.  700?

In retrospect, I suppose it is not important that I can create every one of the 35 projects.  They have beauty as presented.  That alone has value.

Keep Creating,
Janet (janettalk)

New Year and Paper Beads

The new year is around the corner.  I’m weighing what is next for my recycled paper beads.  As I have said before, there are a lot of more important things in this world than recycling some paper each year.  But this is something I enjoy.  The creative aspect and thinking through a project is good for me. (And I hope you.)

A fairly large map was in one of the magazines my Dad gave me.  There is a lot of black.  I’m considering making many black beads of different styles.  One issue is making a bead in black can go wrong so easily.  I simply can’t always see the lines as I put the thin, black paper on a toothpick.

I look at this paper and see so much potential.  I also see questions.  Will I be able to create something unique?  Will anyone be wearing this paper in the next year? How much time will it take to make interesting (dare I say beautiful) beads from such a large piece of black paper?   And the true ultimate question for all of us, What Will 2012 Bring?

Think Creatively,
Janet (janettalk)

Back to Work

I’m back.  We went on a short trip where my husband attended a conference, and my sister and I did fun things.  Theme Parks!

The weather was perfect.  No one got sick.  No complaints.

But I do have a few comments.

1. Mickey recycles.  (And yes, I actually did take a picture of trash cans….)

2.  Mickey provides clean theme parks.

3.  Mickey wants a whole lot of Your money to maintain theme parks.

4.  If your sister talks you into walking a nature trail at the hotel, think twice before you go.

We had no encounters of the dangerous kind.

4.  There was a booth in one of the theme parks that actually had paper beads and paper bead jewelry.  I believe it was “Bead for Life” related.  (I didn’t buy anything there.  For whatever reason, there is something inside of me that says make your own beads. So I do!)

Speaking of which, I came back and started rolling green paper for beads.  I am at the Mod Podge stage.  I’ll show pictures later.

Remember to make some time for your own creative pursuits.

Janet (janettalk)

Discover Your Own Creativity

I just read a line that said something like “….out of control real fast.”  Have you ever felt that way?   If you haven’t, you will.

Back to beading.  When I started this little blog expedition, I explained about my feelings toward paper beads.  I will say again, if you are interested in paper beads, pick up paper, ruler and start to work.  If you’ve always wanted to pursue some other art form, try it.  Not tomorrow, but today.  Exploring your creative side is good for you.  Trust me.

Your projects will not always turn out the way you envision, but every project will teach you something.  If you don’t see it, look again.  It’s there.

I’m concerned about the materials I use while making jewelry.  In my dream world I’d like to use totally recycled products And made in the USA.  If you are reading this from another country I expect you to feel the same way about your own products and country.  There is a certain loyalty in buying from the place in which you live.  I’ll keep searching.

In the meantime, I’ve been preparing jewelry for Christmas.

The above green bead was made out of glitter paper.  I already had it in my stash an decided to use it.  If you can’t closely see the paper beads in the first picture, I thought the second bead would help.

The above set is not as glitzy as the green bracelet, but it does say Christmas!  I made the beads from a mailer we received from a department store.  (Yes, I know it isn’t Halloween yet, but I’m trying to plan ahead.)

Keep Making Those Beads,
Janet (janettalk)

Saucer Beads

Saucer Beads have caught my attention.  Saucer beads can be made from paper, wood, glass, or metals.   I decided that saucer beads should be included in what I do.  Naturally, everything takes longer when paper wrapping is involved.  The following bead hasn’t been fully coated yet, but I wanted everyone to see it.

A lot of saucer beads are small and more distinct.  The best way to describe them may be these beads have a thinner edge.  The following picture is a side view of a sterling silver saucer bead.

The top bead I created looks a bit forlorn.  It is not sealed, nor is it ready to be a piece of jewelry.  The following is a different bead, but it was rolled the same way. I hope this pendant opens your own creative process and you begin to think what “could be.”

There are experts in making paper saucer beads.  These beads are much wider than they are deep. They are beautiful.  For my jewelry, I don’t think I can use them that much. ….But I may change my mind at some point.  Look around the internet and see the different bead shapes.  Get inspired.

By the way, these two paper beads were made from recycled paper.

Keep Making Those Beads,
Janet (janettalk)