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Beaded Bracelet – Recycled Pink Paper

For summer I created a pink stretch bracelet using recycled paper.

So many people make perfectly lovely stretch bracelets, but for some reason I like stretch bracelets to be a bit on the big and bold side. It still fits tight around the wrist, but the paper beads are larger than most paper beads.

Most people are probably thinking of fall now, and I’m just sharing pink and white.  Oh well, I suppose it is just a matter of vision…..and timing….

Janet (janettalk)

Christmas Jewelry with Paper Beads

This is just a short note to all of you who make your own paper bead jewelry.  I’m going to state the obvious.  Christmas is pressing in, whether you are selling your items or making pieces for gifts.  I have noticed that most people looking at my jewelry on etsy are focusing on Christmas-related items.  So if you are putting on the last touches of seasonal jewelry, now is the time to get with it.

And by the way, I also need to take my own advice.  🙂


Back to Work

I’m back.  We went on a short trip where my husband attended a conference, and my sister and I did fun things.  Theme Parks!

The weather was perfect.  No one got sick.  No complaints.

But I do have a few comments.

1. Mickey recycles.  (And yes, I actually did take a picture of trash cans….)

2.  Mickey provides clean theme parks.

3.  Mickey wants a whole lot of Your money to maintain theme parks.

4.  If your sister talks you into walking a nature trail at the hotel, think twice before you go.

We had no encounters of the dangerous kind.

4.  There was a booth in one of the theme parks that actually had paper beads and paper bead jewelry.  I believe it was “Bead for Life” related.  (I didn’t buy anything there.  For whatever reason, there is something inside of me that says make your own beads. So I do!)

Speaking of which, I came back and started rolling green paper for beads.  I am at the Mod Podge stage.  I’ll show pictures later.

Remember to make some time for your own creative pursuits.

Janet (janettalk)

A Paper Bead Organizational Tip

The bracelet below isn’t finished yet, but it is what I’ve been working on.   If you plan to use your paper beads for jewelry, beware.  You may end up unintentionally collecting them.  The two large white (and multi-colored) beads have been in my stock for quite sometime.  When I made them, I was sure I had a plan.  Not.

Just recently, while sitting in a doctor’s office waiting room, I drew out this design.  It isn’t exactly as I planned, but the concept began.

If you are making beads, but aren’t sure where their final home will be, you may want to consider this tip.  After completion, store beads that came from the same paper in small, clear plastic bags. (I bought the little bags at Wal-Mart.)  I also add a note describing the original paper.  I then store the bags in the same place.  At least there is some order.  I also reuse the bag time after time as the beads get put into pieces of jewelry. It’s a simple strategy, and it works. 🙂

If you have an organizational tip for paper beading, you are welcome to leave it in my comment section.  We learn from each other.

Keep Making Those Beads,
Janet (janettalk)