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Paper Bead “Cheat Sheet”

I found a web site that contains more templates for paper beads.  The author calls it a “cheat sheet”.  Since I can’t seem to embed it, I’ll add the link.  The web site is called Cut Out and Keep.    From my laptop I can’t quite seem to read the exact measurements for the beads, but I don’t think it matters.  The goal is the finished shape.

For those of you who make paper beads, I hope it sparks your interests and ideas.

Janet (janettalk)

Special Note:  Thanks to everyone at Cut Out and Keep.

Recycling Craft Site

I saw this website and I thought it may be of interest to some of you.  It is CraftBits, and this will take you to their Recycled Crafts page .  There are many ideas.  At least in my opinion, some concepts were better than others.  And since my blog deals in paper beads for the most part, I’ll point out one specific project:  paper bead bobby pin.

Have fun,
Janet (janettalk)

Paper Jewelry Book Review – “Handmade Paper Jewelry”

After another trip to the local library, I found “Handmade Paper Jewelry”  Interestingly it is by Heidi Borchers, Candace Liccoine, and Tiffany Windsor.  These ladies are the three daughters of Aleene Jackson.  Yes, the famous Aleene of Aleene’s Glues and Adhesives. (I no longer have possession of the book, so I’m not sure of the publisher. I believe it is Sterling Publishing, but don’t hold me to that.)

The book concentrates on paper jewelry, but not the traditional paper bead.  For example, the dragonfly you see on the cover was made from a grocery bag.  There is also: a metallic decoupage jewelry set; a butterfly gift wrap necklace; and a bracelet using ceramic tiles and metallic paper.  In total there are 40 projects.

Art, talent, innovation, even recycling can take on many forms.  Since I didn’t have many of the products required, I didn’t find this book particularly inspiring. But it may be just the creative trigger for you.

Visit your local library and see what mysteries await!

Janet (janettalk)

P.S.  While researching Sterling Publishing, I saw they have more paper-related reference books.  Hmmm.  I may need to check into that further.

….And the Award for the Most Difficult Paper Bead Goes To….

When it comes to paper beads I am a “work in progress.”  I wanted to make small paper beads to use in place of metal spacer beads.  So far so good.  When I started, the aggravation began.  Maybe others find them easy, but I have to say, thusfar, they deserve the Most Difficult Paper Bead award.

The beads are so small that gluing/sealing them was an almost impossible task. The paper would stick to the toothpick, glue and varnish would be all over my fingers, counters were not safe.  They are now complete.  Fin-a-lly.

Have fun with your own projects,
Janet (janettalk)

Back to Paper Beads

I’m back to the instructional part of paper beads.  These are pictures I took.  I’m not happy with my camera, but we aren’t going to “go there” at the moment.

Strictly speaking, you only need 3 components to make  paper bead: Paper, glue stick and toothpick. (Remember that everyone does this their own way. You can use something other than a toothpick.)

Carefully, you simply begin to roll the paper, large end first.  Once you finish rolling the paper, glue the tip to the paper bead.  As I have mentioned before, remember to mark the triangle on the wrong side of the paper.  If you look, you can see where I made my line before cutting.

Once you are at the end, glue the tip to the bead.  I’d like to say you’re done, but you aren’t.  Coating the bead is next.

Okay.  The above is fairly simple.  Anyone can do it.  I wish that were true.  If you are making earrings, you need two triangles that have the same beginning width. I can’t tell you how many times I thought I had this right, but it didn’t turn out that way.

What is on the paper that “shows” is important.  Look at my finished bead above.  Now below are beads I made from the same paper, including the new bead.  I like the variation in the bead representing paper, but I prefer they are somewhat alike for earrings.  The second and third bead from the left would not make a good pair of earrings.  Practice and patience are key.

I said this earlier in a post, but I’ll say it again.  There are more important things in the world than paper earrings.  This is something I began to do to help me through a difficult time and I enjoyed making jewelry with the beads.  Even if this isn’t for you,  find your own “therapy.”                              -janettalk

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