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Paper Bead “Cheat Sheet”

I found a web site that contains more templates for paper beads.  The author calls it a “cheat sheet”.  Since I can’t seem to embed it, I’ll add the link.  The web site is called Cut Out and Keep.    From my laptop I can’t quite seem to read the exact measurements for the beads, but I don’t think it matters.  The goal is the finished shape.

For those of you who make paper beads, I hope it sparks your interests and ideas.

Janet (janettalk)

Special Note:  Thanks to everyone at Cut Out and Keep.

Recycling Craft Site

I saw this website and I thought it may be of interest to some of you.  It is CraftBits, and this will take you to their Recycled Crafts page .  There are many ideas.  At least in my opinion, some concepts were better than others.  And since my blog deals in paper beads for the most part, I’ll point out one specific project:  paper bead bobby pin.

Have fun,
Janet (janettalk)

Summer: Local Produce Sites

Fresh vegetables are ripe for the pickin’.  I started thinking about how it is advantageous for both local farmers and consumers to buy food locally if at all possible.  After doing a bit of research I discovered several web sites that may help you find a local farmer / vendor.  This is just a sampling of sites.  I’m sure there are many more.

Local Harvest
Food Routes
Farmer’s Market Search
Rhode Island Local Food Guide
Eat Well Guide (find sustainable, organic food sources)
Pennsylvania (find local food sources)
Pick Your Own information
Texas local farmer’s market information
Ontario Canada local food information
Canadian Organic Growers
United Kingdom

Obviously I do not have personal experience with each site, but you may find a food source you never knew existed.

Janet (janettalk)

Creativity and Your Signature Style – Tim Holtz

I sprinkle the word “creativity” throughout my blog. What a word!  I’m still trying to figure out what that means in my own life.

I recently received a commercial email dealing with creativity that I wanted to share.  It was sent to me by Cloth Paper Scissors, an Interweave company.  The reason I find it worth including in my blog can be said in two words “Tim Holtz.”  Tim is the Creative Director of Ranger Industries.  The topic: Tips for Creating your own Signature Style.

Click anywhere in this sentence to take you to Holtz’ article in 

I’ll list just two:  “Experiment. Trying new things is key to developing your style. It’s true that you won’t know what you like until you try it.”
Look around. While our creative surroundings are full of inspiration, it’s what you take from them to make it your own that’s important.”

I hope this article assists you and me in learning more about our own creativity and signature style.


Paper Recommendation

This was written a few days ago:

Since JC Penney’s is changing strategies, their advertisements have changed also.  We receive their advertisements in our local paper.

Why am I talking about department stores?  Their paper makes beautiful paper beads.  It isn’t perfect because it isn’t quite thick enough.  However, the shiny paper has a lot of solid blocks of color.  They can easily only have one model on a page, which does mean a lot of color is available to use in paper beads.  Recycling adds to the positiveness of this recommendation.  And there you have it.  Consider JC Penney advertisements when choosing the paper you can use for your next project.

May 28, 2012 –  Follow-up

Bead shape and paper have a direct correlation.  The beads above are quite useable for jewelry.  The shape works with the paper.  The beads below are a problem.  I may be able to apply ink or something else to help, but you have to admit, they aren’t useable at this moment.

As gentle as I believe I was when cutting and then making the bead, the paper doesn’t reflect it.  The paper was too thin.  Again, I am learning to plan ahead and decide on the end product before I start cutting paper. (who knew? ;-))

Think Creatively and Don’t Forget to Consider your Materials,
Janet (janettalk)

Paper Jeweler: Tia Kramer

I enjoy featuring artists and jewelers who produce paper jewelry.  Today I want to share the name Tia Kramer.  Her website is:  From her biographic information, her work has been featured in magazines and galleries.   [This is only brief information.  If you are interested in her work, please visit her website.]

Her pieces are geometric and very beautiful.  I wouldn’t classify Tia’s work as paper beads, just paper.  (well, okay, not “just” paper.) 😉

I took this picture directly from her website.  As I said earlier, beautiful.

Even though most of us may never reach this level, I hope you are inspired by this necklace. I am.

Think Creatively,
Janet (janettalk)

Paper Jewelry Book Review – “Handmade Paper Jewelry”

After another trip to the local library, I found “Handmade Paper Jewelry”  Interestingly it is by Heidi Borchers, Candace Liccoine, and Tiffany Windsor.  These ladies are the three daughters of Aleene Jackson.  Yes, the famous Aleene of Aleene’s Glues and Adhesives. (I no longer have possession of the book, so I’m not sure of the publisher. I believe it is Sterling Publishing, but don’t hold me to that.)

The book concentrates on paper jewelry, but not the traditional paper bead.  For example, the dragonfly you see on the cover was made from a grocery bag.  There is also: a metallic decoupage jewelry set; a butterfly gift wrap necklace; and a bracelet using ceramic tiles and metallic paper.  In total there are 40 projects.

Art, talent, innovation, even recycling can take on many forms.  Since I didn’t have many of the products required, I didn’t find this book particularly inspiring. But it may be just the creative trigger for you.

Visit your local library and see what mysteries await!

Janet (janettalk)

P.S.  While researching Sterling Publishing, I saw they have more paper-related reference books.  Hmmm.  I may need to check into that further.

Animation at

Google Animation for April 24, 2012

Very often Google has fun home pages when you go to  Today is no different.  It is particularly creative…..almost as creative as Gideon Sundback.  In case you don’t know who that is, (I didn’t) simply go to Google.

Wow! to their creativity,

Janet (janettalk)

The Washington Post has an interesting article about this doodle and their top ten Google animations.  If you have time, give it a read and look at the animations.  I hope it makes you smile.  One more thing: keep your sound on. 😉

Spring Brings Beauty with These Roses

Happy Easter!  No paper beads today because spring is in full bloom.

I wish I could say these roses were in my backyard, but Not!  I took the pictures at a local university.  The cascading roses are a soft yellow.  Beautiful!

Couldn’t you see yourself seating on this bench on a warm spring day? ….glass of iced tea….good book….

I hope you enjoyed this quick mental break.

Janet (janettalk)

2012 Trends

I quickly researched the trends for 2012. The following if not anywhere near exhaustive.  This is just a few:

Jewelry: Bib Necklace
Women’s Clothing: Color blocking
Large Prints
Shades of Orange
Color: Tangerine Tango by Pantone
Men: Double-breasted jackets
Skinnier ties
Appliances:  Stainless steel

Tangerine Tango maybe the “it” 2012 color, but a different web site said, Blue is the color.  A couple of other sites, said Pastels are important in everything from interior home paints to denim jeans. (See pic below)

Company: Guess

Look around your house.  Do you have brushed nickel finishes on cabinet pulls or facets?  Well, it appears that may be waning in favor of shiny chrome. (?)

Trends including paper earrings or recycling was rarely mentioned in what I would call mainstream sources, even though buying eco-friendly appliances, paint, etc was addressed on several sites.

If you are looking for inspiration, search online for the colors of pastel and tangerine.  Maybe you’ll have an a-ha moment in your own endeavors.

Think Creatively,
Janet (janettalk)