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Paper Jewelry Collection

I was recently included in a Paper Jewelry treasury on Etsy.  If you get a chance, take a look.  [click on paper treasury in the prior sentence to go to the treasury.]  Yes, I know.  You think I’m doing this because of my own shop.  However, there are a variety of items.  It is interesting to see how people use paper as an accessory.  I notice quite a bit of geometry: rectangles, circles, triangles, cones, etc.  May the following pictures recharge your imagination for your specific art.

Paper Jewelry Wire Wrapped Earrings

Fashion Jewelry SALE Butterfly Jewelry Paper Jewelry Fantasy Necklace with Red and Yellow Elevated Butterflies. Gifts Under 100 USD. 19N34

Red Nacho  paper earrings
Multicolor paper earrings, woven earrings, paper jewelry handmade, unique earrings

Origami bracelet , handmade paper jewelry ,bangles, black bracelet,pearl

Paper Jewelry - Recycled Paper Earrings - Black and White

Paper jewelry - Dreamy green Necklace

Paper jewelry -origami white bracelet- eco friendly

Paper jewelry Origami necklace - Dark red and natural paper

Paper mache bracelet BOOK LOVER - pink felt beads and paper mache beads from book pages - stylish paper jewelry by drudruchu

Chunky Green Bracelet - The Laughing Bangle Bracelet - Decoupage Paper Jewelry - happy, silly, Dr. Seuss

Origami Earrings - Black and White Geometric Paper Jewelry   12B023E

Papier mâché - "AUTUMN" -  Hand painted - Handmade - Earrings - Ring - Artisan jewelry - Paper jewelry

sale - 20%OFF - Conjoined Twins - cameo brooch, paper jewelry  - illustrated freak show - ivory, round

Pink Earrings - Paper jewelry - Big round earrings - Paper weave - Weave, big, round, bold, Fuchsia pink, White, checks pattern, texture

Paper Jewelry - Recycled Paper Bead Bangle
Thanks to the creator of this treasury, PhotoEngravingGift.[click to see this shop.]

Janet (janettalk)

Project: Recycling Toilet Paper Rolls

I recycle paper to make paper beads.  I take paper beads and make jewelry.  It isn’t brain surgery, but I do give it thought and care.  But then I find pictures of people who take the core of toilet paper rolls and make mini albums.  I wonder who originally came up with the idea of recycling THIS paper?  Who Knew?

I provide the following pictures in case this is a new idea for you.

The creator of this album is A Scraphappy Southernbelle.  You can see her website by clicking on the site name.

I include no directions.  If you see the two pictures above, you understand the principle.  The “create” part is in the maker’s hands.

Thanks for reading,
Janet (janettalk)

Paper as a Fine Art

I reviewed over 20 websites of professional artists who have their paper art in museums, featured in store windows, etc. The search was not exhaustive, but Janna Syvanoja is the only person who made jewelry using paper.  It was surprising.

Ms. Syvanoja has been frequently written about.  Her paper jewelry is incredible.

The movement in these necklaces is inspired.

I can’t find a site specifically by Ms. Syvanoja, but please research to find out more about her and her art.  Click on New York Times for a brief description.

As for me, I continue to search out professionals who use paper to make jewelry. I am also interested in how paper beads are used other than in jewelry.  I will report that information when I find it.

Think Creatively,
Janet (janettalk)

Recycled Paper Tree

Even though I am still behind, I continue to play with paper.  (What am I thinking?!) The project is a Christmas paper tree.

Supplies I used :
1. Styrofoam cone
2. Straight pins
3. Scissors
4. Paper

My first try in making a small paper Christmas tree:

The tree needs reworking, but I wanted to share it in case someone else is interested in trying it.  The original idea came from TV.  The only example I could quickly find on the internet used sheet music.  The creator also cut the paper differently.  The other tree has more “eyelash” branches.  It is pretty, but for some reason I like these large leaf pattern as branches.  By the way, this paper came from a monthly magazine that was thoroughly enjoyed before I got my scissors on it.

If you make a recycled paper Christmas tree or ornament let me know.  I’d love to see it.

Think creatively,
Janet (janettalk)

Paper Bowl, Part 3

Just a quick note:  I am still using the paper bowl I made November 3.  It holds small beads while I am working.  My only problem is that it remains a wee bit sticky.  Not sure where that came from, but I thought I’d report it.  If I had made a larger one, I think the stickiness would be a problem.

Think creatively,
Janet (janettalk)

Paper Recycle at Christmas – “I can do that.”

Do you ever see something in a store or in someone’s home and say “I can do that.”?  We never do…..   But this maybe something you will actually do.  It saves money, reuses paper, and helps keep the memories of Christmas alive.

Christmas cards may become something of the past, but a few people still send them.  After Christmas is over, keep the cards that can fit into your smaller picture frames. I encourage you to cull and keep what speaks to you.  Be aware of the size of your frames, but don’t be afraid to trim the cards if necessary.  Below is something I use every Christmas season.  It was a card from a friend. (Thank you Linda.)

I normally make my pictures  square for this blog, but this rectangle frame doesn’t lend itself to that.  However, this is a good example of how the framing Christmas cards can work for you.

Okay.  Before I go, some of you may say you’ve been doing this for years.  Good!  But we live in such a throw-away society.  There are people who find it faster to just throw away Christmas cards after the new year.  I am hoping there will be people (or person) who says, “Wow.  I can do that.”  Then actually do it!

Think creatively,
Janet (janettalk)

To Ring or Not to Ring

I have a friend who is interested in making a ring.(not a paper bead ring, just a ring in general)  Since I am a paper bead “jeweler” I’ve never pursued rings. But it made me wonder about paper-beading it.   After reading several web sites, I very quickly put this together last night.

The wire was reused from another project and the bead was one I made early in my paper bead-making.  Both items seemed appropiate for an experiment.

I wore it today.  The main reason I didn’t want to make rings with paper beads is people wash their hands with their jewelry on.  After all, what’s the point of having jewelry if you can’t enjoy it?  My plan was to be careful, but at the mall one of the first things I did was wash my hands in the ladies room.  Right as my hand went under the water I saw the ring.  Too late.

If the ring decides to mutiny on me, I’ll add a picture later.  Right now it seems okay.

Paper Bead Jewelers, do you make beads and use them in rings?

Keep Thinking Creatively,
Janet (janettalk)

Paper Bowl, part 2

The Experiment Continues

I added more glue via Mod Podge to yesterday’s project.  I removed some of the plastic wrap.  Most of the plastic wrap was solidly part of the bowl.

I cut all of the rough edges.

The finished “bowl.”

The bowl is quite flexible.  Believe it or not, it holds water.  I’m not sure there is a need for that, but I wanted to know.

I wouldn’t say it is beautiful, but give me a little credit for showing my first try!  Since I make jewelry and use many small pieces, this will be a little catch-all while I am working.

My next entry will be back on topic, paper beads.

Keep exploring your creative side,
Janet (janettalk)

Do You Create Anything with Paper from Your Shredder? part 1

After my trip, I am overwhelmed with laundry, etc.  Don’t ask me why I decided to try this.

I remember reading some time ago how to make bowls out of recycled paper.  Not wanting to bother with reading directions, I jumped in.  (Note:  this is NOT a good way to start……)  Can you make a small bowl from shredded paper?

This is day one.  It looks a mess.

I used paper from our shredder, Mod Podge, measuring cup, and plastic wrap.  You will understand what I did by looking at this picture.

After this dries, I’ll add another coat tonight.  When I test the final product, I’ll take a quick picture and share.

Do you make anything with your shredded paper?

Now I’ll get back to my real life.

Keep beading,
Janet (janettalk)

Back to Work

I’m back.  We went on a short trip where my husband attended a conference, and my sister and I did fun things.  Theme Parks!

The weather was perfect.  No one got sick.  No complaints.

But I do have a few comments.

1. Mickey recycles.  (And yes, I actually did take a picture of trash cans….)

2.  Mickey provides clean theme parks.

3.  Mickey wants a whole lot of Your money to maintain theme parks.

4.  If your sister talks you into walking a nature trail at the hotel, think twice before you go.

We had no encounters of the dangerous kind.

4.  There was a booth in one of the theme parks that actually had paper beads and paper bead jewelry.  I believe it was “Bead for Life” related.  (I didn’t buy anything there.  For whatever reason, there is something inside of me that says make your own beads. So I do!)

Speaking of which, I came back and started rolling green paper for beads.  I am at the Mod Podge stage.  I’ll show pictures later.

Remember to make some time for your own creative pursuits.

Janet (janettalk)