I want to share some of my life, ideas, and passions.  Never did I want to do this through blogging, but here I am.  Basic information about me:  I am happily married, share my life with domestic birds, and began recycling paper in a meaningful way earlier this year.

Making paper beads may or may not make a difference in the world of recycling, but it is a start.  You know, trash to treasure….  My intention is to stress paper recycling the most, but as you see, I sometimes ramble from recycling into other topics.  Thank you for joining me.

Janet of janettalk, wordpress and www.etsy.com/shop/paperchasejewelry




One response to “About

  1. Hi Janet,
    I think your blog is great! Well done! Thanks for including one of my bowls. I too love to recycle paper and also made paper bead jewelry which I sold whilst living in the Asheville area of NC. Moving to SC and back to the coast, from whence my soul did come, I have moved into paper pulp and LOVE it!!!
    We recyclers may not make a big impact on this ‘throw away world’ but every little bit helps to bring us back into alignment and oneness with all that is.
    Couldn’t believe you mentioned ‘Monarch of the Glen’, I was born and brought up in Scotland on the North Sea and moved to USA 13 years ago. I like the program too.
    Keep on blogging for all of us recyclers who are trying to make a difference.
    Namaste fellow Etsian!

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