2012 Trends

I quickly researched the trends for 2012. The following if not anywhere near exhaustive.  This is just a few:

Jewelry: Bib Necklace
Women’s Clothing: Color blocking
Large Prints
Shades of Orange
Color: Tangerine Tango by Pantone
Men: Double-breasted jackets
Skinnier ties
Appliances:  Stainless steel

Tangerine Tango maybe the “it” 2012 color, but a different web site said, Blue is the color.  A couple of other sites, said Pastels are important in everything from interior home paints to denim jeans. (See pic below)

Company: Guess

Look around your house.  Do you have brushed nickel finishes on cabinet pulls or facets?  Well, it appears that may be waning in favor of shiny chrome. (?)

Trends including paper earrings or recycling was rarely mentioned in what I would call mainstream sources, even though buying eco-friendly appliances, paint, etc was addressed on several sites.

If you are looking for inspiration, search online for the colors of pastel and tangerine.  Maybe you’ll have an a-ha moment in your own endeavors.

Think Creatively,
Janet (janettalk)


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