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Project: Recycling Toilet Paper Rolls

I recycle paper to make paper beads.  I take paper beads and make jewelry.  It isn’t brain surgery, but I do give it thought and care.  But then I find pictures of people who take the core of toilet paper rolls and make mini albums.  I wonder who originally came up with the idea of recycling THIS paper?  Who Knew?

I provide the following pictures in case this is a new idea for you.

The creator of this album is A Scraphappy Southernbelle.  You can see her website by clicking on the site name.

I include no directions.  If you see the two pictures above, you understand the principle.  The “create” part is in the maker’s hands.

Thanks for reading,
Janet (janettalk)

A Lonely Paper Bead Finds A Home

On November 27, 2011, I wrote about creating free form beads.  The unusual shape of one of the beads “struck my fancy.”  I thought it would be a good earring.  Unfortunately I could not make a second one.  It sat alone, until I realized, this lone bead would make a charming pendant. It took a while, but here it is.

I am happy with the result.

There is an odd phenomenon when specifically making paper earrings.  Two is needed.  I couldn’t create anything close to a twin.  But that didn’t mean the lonely bead couldn’t make a very nice piece of jewelry.  If you have lone beads, take another look.  You never know what those beads could be.

Happy Creating,
Janet (janettalk)

Minor Differences in Bead Shape – II

This is a follow-up to my January 29, 2012, post.  The topic is the difference between the figure 8 bead and the hourglass bead.  I put together both beads from the same mailer.  You’ll see the difference.  (And didn’t I say it was minor!)


That is it for today.  Let’s put these beads to rest!

Janet (janettalk)

2012 Trends

I quickly researched the trends for 2012. The following if not anywhere near exhaustive.  This is just a few:

Jewelry: Bib Necklace
Women’s Clothing: Color blocking
Large Prints
Shades of Orange
Color: Tangerine Tango by Pantone
Men: Double-breasted jackets
Skinnier ties
Appliances:  Stainless steel

Tangerine Tango maybe the “it” 2012 color, but a different web site said, Blue is the color.  A couple of other sites, said Pastels are important in everything from interior home paints to denim jeans. (See pic below)

Company: Guess

Look around your house.  Do you have brushed nickel finishes on cabinet pulls or facets?  Well, it appears that may be waning in favor of shiny chrome. (?)

Trends including paper earrings or recycling was rarely mentioned in what I would call mainstream sources, even though buying eco-friendly appliances, paint, etc was addressed on several sites.

If you are looking for inspiration, search online for the colors of pastel and tangerine.  Maybe you’ll have an a-ha moment in your own endeavors.

Think Creatively,
Janet (janettalk)