Book Review: The Art of Jewelry: Paper Jewelry

I found the following book at my local library:
The Art of Jewelry
Paper Jewelry
by Marthe Le Van
Lark Books
ISBN: 1-57990-814-4

The book is hardcover and beautifully photographed.  Instructions are in large enough print so that they can be easily read.  The author not only includes pictures of paper jewelry, but instructions and on occasion, templates.  The price on the cover is $24.95, but with a little research, you can find it for less than $20.00

Some of the 35 projects include paper I normally don’t have around.  Maybe you do, but I don’t have acrylic sheets, vellum, or a huge quantity of high-density polyethylane-fiber envelopes.  In other words, the emphasis is not recycling.  Fair enough.  Every book cannot have everything for everyone.

I tried one of the simpler projects, and was able to successfully complete it.  If you have any background with paper art, you should be able to follow the instructions.

The best part of the The Art of Jewelry: Paper Jewelry: Ideas for paper jewelry I would describe as more elegant and upscale than you normally see.

The worse part for me was probably the more complicated projects seemed just a bit out of reach.  For example, the picture on the cover was a bracelet made from 700 2-inch circles of white vellum.  It is beautiful and I want to try it, but realistically I doubt I ever will.  700?

In retrospect, I suppose it is not important that I can create every one of the 35 projects.  They have beauty as presented.  That alone has value.

Keep Creating,
Janet (janettalk)


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