Minor Differences in Bead Shapes

You can make a minor change in cutting paper to create a different paper bead.

There is an “8” shaped bead and an hourglass shaped bead.  You’ll see below. [Reminder: I do not have elaborate software to create my templates This was generated in Word.]

It makes sense once you think about it.  Which look to you prefer?  The paper on the right is simpler to cut.  It is a triangle inside of a rectangle.  But I believe the paper on the left is easier to roll into a bead.  It is a trade-off.

The fact this is so minor has made me unsure of whether to post, but I decided to go for it.  I hope I’m not the only one who thinks about this when I see these beads in different shapes on the internet. [now see Feb 19, 2012 for more]

Personal Note: As most readers already know I want to encourage everyone to be creative in their own way.   However, these past few days have been difficult for me.  Our 23-year-old cockatiel is ill.  We have shared our lives for a long time.  If you have an animal you understand.  Any kind of accomplishment has been a struggle.  There is more, but not today.  Today I talk about beads.

Think Creatively,
Janet (janettalk)


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