Recycled Paper Tree

Even though I am still behind, I continue to play with paper.  (What am I thinking?!) The project is a Christmas paper tree.

Supplies I used :
1. Styrofoam cone
2. Straight pins
3. Scissors
4. Paper

My first try in making a small paper Christmas tree:

The tree needs reworking, but I wanted to share it in case someone else is interested in trying it.  The original idea came from TV.  The only example I could quickly find on the internet used sheet music.  The creator also cut the paper differently.  The other tree has more “eyelash” branches.  It is pretty, but for some reason I like these large leaf pattern as branches.  By the way, this paper came from a monthly magazine that was thoroughly enjoyed before I got my scissors on it.

If you make a recycled paper Christmas tree or ornament let me know.  I’d love to see it.

Think creatively,
Janet (janettalk)

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