Christmas, Paper, and Organization?

Christmas is just a few days away.  In a word:  Yikes!

There is so much to do, that I have been a delinquent jeweler and blogger.  I am trying to clean and organize my house for guests and the paper beading supplies that I have in abundance are a real clutter problem.  How do you organize?

Honestly, I don’t think it is possible.  My best guess:  I organized loose paper (C)by color and magazines (B) got their own box.  The long strips of paper (A) that have been cut are the problem.  There is no way to make it neat.  Or even “neatish.”

Now I have to figure what to do with this since I organized?  Hmmmm.

It is ironic that I began paper beading to use some of the paper lying around to make something beautiful from “pre-enjoyed” paper.  But now I have an even larger collection of paper because of paper beads.

Think creatively, (even about storage)
Janet (janettalk)


One response to “Christmas, Paper, and Organization?

  1. Ooh, I have a funny solution. For paper <12 inches, I use an extra silverware drawer organizer I found in the garage; the plastic kind, with long rectangular spaces to separate colors, and a smaller space to put the finished beads. It fits into a drawer when I'm not using it. For super long strips, I have a pack of little spring clips, and I clip the strips in a bundle and hang them from the edge of my desk.

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