The Paper Bead Hourglass Shape

While watching TV tonight, I made another bead.  The hourglass bead is an interesting shape and worth a serious try.

My Experience:   It took longer than normal, even though I realize this is a new process for me.  Adding the glue during the bead creation made for a bit of a “sticky” situation.  I call it an hourglass bead, because that is the closest comparison I could make to the final shape.  My camera was not “happy” as you can tell by the last photograph.

I saw the template for this bead on the internet.  Naturally, I didn’t read the directions.  😉  This is what I did:
1.  Cut a one inch strip.
2. Folded strip in half lengthwise.

3.  Took a ruler and marked folded strip so there are two tapered legs.
4.  Cut with scissors while holding paper fold together.

I began by rolling this on the solid side.  As you continue, the legs come into play.  Both sides need to be rolled at approximately the same speed.  At the same time, make sure the straight line of the outside edge stays on “itself” as you continue. In other words, don’t let the legs move toward the center.  I occasionally had to glue in order to keep the paper in place.  Even though it was not quick, I like the end result.

There is a pending question: Can two matching beads be made?  (for earrings.)  Hmmmm.

Think Creatively,
Janet (janettalk)


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