Paper Bead Shapes – Part III

As of late, I seem to be in a “paper bead shape” mood.  Yikes.  I hope it is useful to you in someway.

Yesterday I decided to make beads that were not such a dark color. Something that was pastel and “happy.”  Unfortunately it seemed to a bad rolling day. (Is that even possible?!)  No two matched and since I am using scrapbook remnants, running out of paper.  Changing things up may help.  Instead of going to an internet template, I went free form.  Try it yourself.  You could come up with a shape that is “gold.”

You can see from the picture above, that most of my beads are fairly regular in size and shape.  Now take a look at Bead A.  At first I didn’t see anything special.  Suddenly I realized that Bead A would make a wonderful dangle earring.  There is my “gold” in the experimentation.  Can I make a second one?  I’ll find out today.

Even if it is a little thing like paper beads, don’t be reluctant to try something new.  Sometimes flying without a net is helpful to the creative process.  No matter what you do, try to find your own gold.

Think Creatively,
Janet (janettalk)


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