Paper Recycle at Christmas – “I can do that.”

Do you ever see something in a store or in someone’s home and say “I can do that.”?  We never do…..   But this maybe something you will actually do.  It saves money, reuses paper, and helps keep the memories of Christmas alive.

Christmas cards may become something of the past, but a few people still send them.  After Christmas is over, keep the cards that can fit into your smaller picture frames. I encourage you to cull and keep what speaks to you.  Be aware of the size of your frames, but don’t be afraid to trim the cards if necessary.  Below is something I use every Christmas season.  It was a card from a friend. (Thank you Linda.)

I normally make my pictures  square for this blog, but this rectangle frame doesn’t lend itself to that.  However, this is a good example of how the framing Christmas cards can work for you.

Okay.  Before I go, some of you may say you’ve been doing this for years.  Good!  But we live in such a throw-away society.  There are people who find it faster to just throw away Christmas cards after the new year.  I am hoping there will be people (or person) who says, “Wow.  I can do that.”  Then actually do it!

Think creatively,
Janet (janettalk)


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