Common Sense Versus Art

Common Sense versus Art: Paper Beads

Common sense will tell you that if you roll two different size papers, you will have two different size beads. Ignore the width of the two different bead groups below.  This is hard to explain, so I’m going to use straight forward language.  The beads on the left look fatter than the beads on the right.  The green and white beads were made from a mailer that is approximately 8 1/2 x 5 1/2.  The paper on the right was approximately 17 inches long.  The difference?  The left beads were made from heavy paper, the ones on the right are catalog pages.  It is common sense, and I knew this before I started, but it is startling at times.

Then the art comes into play. (And maybe I use the word art loosely.)  The paper I used for the right had Christmas colors.  If I had not taped two pages together before I made the bead, it would have been half its size.  Normally, that is too small to handle and too small to use.  I also chose the order of the paper I glued.

The large beads were harder to roll because of the paper weight.  It also had large white letters, with two red splashes of color.  I had to think ahead.  Where did I want the paper bead to end?  Where will the white letters appear?  I normally plan, and the paper always hands me surprises.  For example I didn’t anticipate the white letters would only be on one side of the bead.  Note: You mark the paper on the wrong side.  That helps with the “surprise.”

That is enough for now.  Below is what happened to some of the above beads.  I’d like to think that it is art.

Think Creatively,

Janet (janettalk)


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