Do You Create Anything with Paper from Your Shredder? part 1

After my trip, I am overwhelmed with laundry, etc.  Don’t ask me why I decided to try this.

I remember reading some time ago how to make bowls out of recycled paper.  Not wanting to bother with reading directions, I jumped in.  (Note:  this is NOT a good way to start……)  Can you make a small bowl from shredded paper?

This is day one.  It looks a mess.

I used paper from our shredder, Mod Podge, measuring cup, and plastic wrap.  You will understand what I did by looking at this picture.

After this dries, I’ll add another coat tonight.  When I test the final product, I’ll take a quick picture and share.

Do you make anything with your shredded paper?

Now I’ll get back to my real life.

Keep beading,
Janet (janettalk)


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