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Paper Beads from the Design You Print

I center my paper beading around recycling paper.  I did use watercolors to create a specific paper bead when someone had a request, but normally it is simply paper from magazines, mailers, ads from newspapers, and scrapbook paper I have in my stash.

There is another way to get the paper you want.  Julie A. Bolduc at has a program that will print designs on paper based on the user’s preferences.  She gives information regarding the intervals of the design and shape of bead desired.  You choose.  I suppose it is technically not recycling, but it may be worth a look.  It could also give you more paper beading ideas.  You also need a good color printer.  (Which brings up the subject of toner cartridges, but that is a topic for another day.)

                         [Regarding printing your own paper for beads, I have a confession.  I never thought of that!]

A good point of the program:  It is not downloaded to your computer.   I am always wary of those type programs.  Below is one of her designs.  I can see where this blue border would a beautiful tube bead.

Thank you Ms. Bolduc for your hardwork.

Think creatively,
Janet (janettalk)

Coming:  I use the above program….

Paper Bead Shapes – Part III

As of late, I seem to be in a “paper bead shape” mood.  Yikes.  I hope it is useful to you in someway.

Yesterday I decided to make beads that were not such a dark color. Something that was pastel and “happy.”  Unfortunately it seemed to a bad rolling day. (Is that even possible?!)  No two matched and since I am using scrapbook remnants, running out of paper.  Changing things up may help.  Instead of going to an internet template, I went free form.  Try it yourself.  You could come up with a shape that is “gold.”

You can see from the picture above, that most of my beads are fairly regular in size and shape.  Now take a look at Bead A.  At first I didn’t see anything special.  Suddenly I realized that Bead A would make a wonderful dangle earring.  There is my “gold” in the experimentation.  Can I make a second one?  I’ll find out today.

Even if it is a little thing like paper beads, don’t be reluctant to try something new.  Sometimes flying without a net is helpful to the creative process.  No matter what you do, try to find your own gold.

Think Creatively,
Janet (janettalk)

Where Do You Shop?

Happy Thanksgiving Weekend!

In the U.S., Saturday is Small Business Saturday.  I urge everyone, wherever you are, to shop at a small business tomorrow. 

This pull quote sign is from

Note:  I shop at national chains like most people, but I believe it does the economy good to buy from small businesses.   I make an effort to shop at small businesses, whether down the street, or online.  I hope you will be pleased with your purchase(s) and customer service.

Janet (janttalk)

Paper Bowl, Part 3

Just a quick note:  I am still using the paper bowl I made November 3.  It holds small beads while I am working.  My only problem is that it remains a wee bit sticky.  Not sure where that came from, but I thought I’d report it.  If I had made a larger one, I think the stickiness would be a problem.

Think creatively,
Janet (janettalk)

More on Paper Bead Shapes

When it comes to shapes of beads, I found this blog that includes bead templates.  I also thought it was very funny when I read how she thought she had come up with something original when she decided to make paper beads.  She then discovered, and I quote, “not so much.”  Carole Anne’s blog. Third pic down.  (and I can’t believe I am sending you to another’s blog, 😉 but seeing the template will be helpful to you.)

Yes.  Making paper beads is not an original idea for any of us.  However, finding these odd shaped beads is rare.  Also, making paper beads is absolutely not a “cookie cutter” art.  Each bead is different.  In a way, each bead is original.

I may try one of these shaped beads.  I’ll let you know.  In the meantime,

Think creatively,
Janet (janettalk)

Paper Recycle at Christmas – “I can do that.”

Do you ever see something in a store or in someone’s home and say “I can do that.”?  We never do…..   But this maybe something you will actually do.  It saves money, reuses paper, and helps keep the memories of Christmas alive.

Christmas cards may become something of the past, but a few people still send them.  After Christmas is over, keep the cards that can fit into your smaller picture frames. I encourage you to cull and keep what speaks to you.  Be aware of the size of your frames, but don’t be afraid to trim the cards if necessary.  Below is something I use every Christmas season.  It was a card from a friend. (Thank you Linda.)

I normally make my pictures  square for this blog, but this rectangle frame doesn’t lend itself to that.  However, this is a good example of how the framing Christmas cards can work for you.

Okay.  Before I go, some of you may say you’ve been doing this for years.  Good!  But we live in such a throw-away society.  There are people who find it faster to just throw away Christmas cards after the new year.  I am hoping there will be people (or person) who says, “Wow.  I can do that.”  Then actually do it!

Think creatively,
Janet (janettalk)

Paper Beads – Shapes

After some thought, I believe I make five different shaped paper beads. I don’t know the official names, but here they are:

With my own names:  Back row: roll, round, saucer; Front row: cone and….traditional.  If you are new to paper beading, this picture may help you decide what works best for you.  The first question is, “How do you plan to use them after they are complete?”

There are more bead shapes that I have never attempted.  Before experimenting,  I’ll ask myself the same question as above.  Will my jewelry style work well with the new shape?  I’ll keep you in-the-loop.

Think creatively,
Janet (janettalk)

Paper Beads – Mainstream

How do paper crafters make paper beads commonplace?  Better yet, is there another way of saying it?  Sometimes I think when people hear the words “paper  bead jewelry”, they believe it will be….well…  But I think it is like everything else, it can be anywhere on the spectrum.  There are comely, fun, and unique pieces of jewelry, there is jewelry that isn’t as refined and there is jewelry in between.  Maybe I’m wrong, but I think most women don’t know about recycled paper jewelry, or if they do think the worse.

From the minute I made my first piece of paper jewelry and saw how light it was I was hooked.  Now I’m trying to “hook”  everyone else.

Janet (janettalk)

Quick Updates – Paper Beads & More

Just briefly:

1.  The paper bead ring I mentioned earlier is doing well.  So far, no sign of deterioration from its unplanned bath.

2.  I want to do some book reviews/recommendation of literature with articles about paper recycling, jewelry, other types of recycling, and related issues.  If you want to add to that, I look forward to hearing from you.

3. In other posts I have encouraged everyone to discover their own creative gift and include that in their life.  Have you found yours?  I thought I’d mention one that I can’t do no matter how hard I try.  Sewing.  Many years ago, sewing was a routine part of everyone’s life.  Now I look in awe of people who can take a few yards of material and make something.  This is a good example of things people do that they may not consider a creative art.  I believe it is.  Don’t underestimate your gifts.

Keep Thinking Creatively,
Janet (

Christmas Jewelry with Paper Beads

This is just a short note to all of you who make your own paper bead jewelry.  I’m going to state the obvious.  Christmas is pressing in, whether you are selling your items or making pieces for gifts.  I have noticed that most people looking at my jewelry on etsy are focusing on Christmas-related items.  So if you are putting on the last touches of seasonal jewelry, now is the time to get with it.

And by the way, I also need to take my own advice.  🙂