Quick Comment on Paper Beading

I want everyone to understand that making paper beads for jewelry could be more difficult than it sounds.  And true, it isn’t brain surgery.  But making at least two beads that have a similar look and size for earrings is not the easiest task in the world  I’m sure there are many people who have much more experience, but believe me.  I’ve rolled many, many paper beads since the beginning of this year.  So far, depending on the weight and texture of paper, the job isn’t getting easier.  Maybe one day that will change, but many things can, and have, gone wrong. Handmade doesn’t mean absolute perfection. 

Push on my friends,
Janet (janettalk)


One response to “Quick Comment on Paper Beading

  1. I have a small box full of paper beads I’ve made – at least 100 or so, and I don’t think any of them are identical. I suppose it would depend on if you had 2 identical pages, and then cut the paper the same size and used the same tension when wrapping them. You’re absolutely right that handmade isn’t perfection, but it makes our jewelry more interesting! 🙂

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