A Paper Bead Organizational Tip

The bracelet below isn’t finished yet, but it is what I’ve been working on.   If you plan to use your paper beads for jewelry, beware.  You may end up unintentionally collecting them.  The two large white (and multi-colored) beads have been in my stock for quite sometime.  When I made them, I was sure I had a plan.  Not.

Just recently, while sitting in a doctor’s office waiting room, I drew out this design.  It isn’t exactly as I planned, but the concept began.

If you are making beads, but aren’t sure where their final home will be, you may want to consider this tip.  After completion, store beads that came from the same paper in small, clear plastic bags. (I bought the little bags at Wal-Mart.)  I also add a note describing the original paper.  I then store the bags in the same place.  At least there is some order.  I also reuse the bag time after time as the beads get put into pieces of jewelry. It’s a simple strategy, and it works. 🙂

If you have an organizational tip for paper beading, you are welcome to leave it in my comment section.  We learn from each other.

Keep Making Those Beads,
Janet (janettalk)


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