Saucer Beads

Saucer Beads have caught my attention.  Saucer beads can be made from paper, wood, glass, or metals.   I decided that saucer beads should be included in what I do.  Naturally, everything takes longer when paper wrapping is involved.  The following bead hasn’t been fully coated yet, but I wanted everyone to see it.

A lot of saucer beads are small and more distinct.  The best way to describe them may be these beads have a thinner edge.  The following picture is a side view of a sterling silver saucer bead.

The top bead I created looks a bit forlorn.  It is not sealed, nor is it ready to be a piece of jewelry.  The following is a different bead, but it was rolled the same way. I hope this pendant opens your own creative process and you begin to think what “could be.”

There are experts in making paper saucer beads.  These beads are much wider than they are deep. They are beautiful.  For my jewelry, I don’t think I can use them that much. ….But I may change my mind at some point.  Look around the internet and see the different bead shapes.  Get inspired.

By the way, these two paper beads were made from recycled paper.

Keep Making Those Beads,
Janet (janettalk)


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