Pronunciation Rules?

I’m veering off topic, but I could not hold back.

I heard a television ad today.  The product is known all over the U.S. if not internationally. The person describing the product said something was “subleme”.  In fact, that word is on the package.  The problem is the spelling was sublime.  I am by no means the authority on grammar, etc.  But it does bother me when obvious rules of English are being ignored.  If a word ends in an “e”, isn’t the vowel before it considered long.  In other words, with the word lime, the”i” is emphasized.  It isn’t a soft “e”.

The first thing I thought about was my 6-year-old nephew.  He is learning to read.  How will people learn the basic pronunciation rules if PR people are willing to ignore them?

Since I am in an obvious snit about this, I wonder if I am missing something.  Am I?

Janet (janettalk)


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