Do You Buy Paper Beads?

Many places have paper beads for sale.  Would you rather buy or make your own?

I’ve been thinking about that lately.  It takes me so long to make properly coated and matching beads that I wonder if I am wasting my time.  Since I use my beads mainly for earrings, I lean toward making my own.  For one thing, I’m “crazy” enough to believe if I am going to make jewelry with my beads, then I will make the best beads. (I know, it’s probably not true, but allow me some pride.)  Secondly choosing paper and wrapping the beads allows me to think through what I may want to create.  I begin to feel the excitement of all of the possibilities.

My thought today is I will continue to make beads.  I wonder if I’ll change my mind in the future…..

Keep making (or buying) those paper beads.

Janet (janettalk)


2 responses to “Do You Buy Paper Beads?

  1. Have you ever looked into getting paper beads from Beads for Life? I recently bought some and was pleased with both the quality and the quick turn-around time. Plus it’s going to a good cause! I’ll still continue to make my own beads too, but this is a pretty good option!

  2. Thank you Adrianne. I did see beads for life at a Disney park. I may change my mind, but I think the only bead I would consider purchasing would be large saucer beads. I said more about this subject in my Oct 31 post. I’m still trying to get a feel for what I am doing. It is such a long process to make the beads, but it is part of the creative (and therapeutic) process for me. I hope my explanation makes sense. –

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