Do Other Recyclers Have This Problem?

I have a feeling that most paper beaders and paper recyclers love paper.  I am one of them.  Unfortunately, when I am in a scrapbook store, I see all of that potential and want to buy!

I don’t.  Not for my earrings anyway.  My unspoken decision was to make jewelry from paper that is being recycled or repurposed.  If I buy paper specifically for jewelry, then I am not keeping with my goal of recycling.

To turn my back on some of the paper I saw the other day was difficult…..but I did it!  Today I am safely back to using the paper I already have.

Keep Making those Beads.

Janet (janettalk)


One response to “Do Other Recyclers Have This Problem?

  1. Don’t do it! Turn and run….FAST! There is SO much beauty in the beads that are created from magazines and newspapers and whatever you can get your hands on. And I love that no two beads will ever be the same that way. You could never buy something as beautiful as you could upcycle…okie dokie, jumping off the soapbox! Congrats for walking away 🙂

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