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Quick Comment on Paper Beading

I want everyone to understand that making paper beads for jewelry could be more difficult than it sounds.  And true, it isn’t brain surgery.  But making at least two beads that have a similar look and size for earrings is not the easiest task in the world  I’m sure there are many people who have much more experience, but believe me.  I’ve rolled many, many paper beads since the beginning of this year.  So far, depending on the weight and texture of paper, the job isn’t getting easier.  Maybe one day that will change, but many things can, and have, gone wrong. Handmade doesn’t mean absolute perfection. 

Push on my friends,
Janet (janettalk)

Back to Work

I’m back.  We went on a short trip where my husband attended a conference, and my sister and I did fun things.  Theme Parks!

The weather was perfect.  No one got sick.  No complaints.

But I do have a few comments.

1. Mickey recycles.  (And yes, I actually did take a picture of trash cans….)

2.  Mickey provides clean theme parks.

3.  Mickey wants a whole lot of Your money to maintain theme parks.

4.  If your sister talks you into walking a nature trail at the hotel, think twice before you go.

We had no encounters of the dangerous kind.

4.  There was a booth in one of the theme parks that actually had paper beads and paper bead jewelry.  I believe it was “Bead for Life” related.  (I didn’t buy anything there.  For whatever reason, there is something inside of me that says make your own beads. So I do!)

Speaking of which, I came back and started rolling green paper for beads.  I am at the Mod Podge stage.  I’ll show pictures later.

Remember to make some time for your own creative pursuits.

Janet (janettalk)

A Paper Bead Organizational Tip

The bracelet below isn’t finished yet, but it is what I’ve been working on.   If you plan to use your paper beads for jewelry, beware.  You may end up unintentionally collecting them.  The two large white (and multi-colored) beads have been in my stock for quite sometime.  When I made them, I was sure I had a plan.  Not.

Just recently, while sitting in a doctor’s office waiting room, I drew out this design.  It isn’t exactly as I planned, but the concept began.

If you are making beads, but aren’t sure where their final home will be, you may want to consider this tip.  After completion, store beads that came from the same paper in small, clear plastic bags. (I bought the little bags at Wal-Mart.)  I also add a note describing the original paper.  I then store the bags in the same place.  At least there is some order.  I also reuse the bag time after time as the beads get put into pieces of jewelry. It’s a simple strategy, and it works. 🙂

If you have an organizational tip for paper beading, you are welcome to leave it in my comment section.  We learn from each other.

Keep Making Those Beads,
Janet (janettalk)

Discover Your Own Creativity

I just read a line that said something like “….out of control real fast.”  Have you ever felt that way?   If you haven’t, you will.

Back to beading.  When I started this little blog expedition, I explained about my feelings toward paper beads.  I will say again, if you are interested in paper beads, pick up paper, ruler and start to work.  If you’ve always wanted to pursue some other art form, try it.  Not tomorrow, but today.  Exploring your creative side is good for you.  Trust me.

Your projects will not always turn out the way you envision, but every project will teach you something.  If you don’t see it, look again.  It’s there.

I’m concerned about the materials I use while making jewelry.  In my dream world I’d like to use totally recycled products And made in the USA.  If you are reading this from another country I expect you to feel the same way about your own products and country.  There is a certain loyalty in buying from the place in which you live.  I’ll keep searching.

In the meantime, I’ve been preparing jewelry for Christmas.

The above green bead was made out of glitter paper.  I already had it in my stash an decided to use it.  If you can’t closely see the paper beads in the first picture, I thought the second bead would help.

The above set is not as glitzy as the green bracelet, but it does say Christmas!  I made the beads from a mailer we received from a department store.  (Yes, I know it isn’t Halloween yet, but I’m trying to plan ahead.)

Keep Making Those Beads,
Janet (janettalk)

Saucer Beads

Saucer Beads have caught my attention.  Saucer beads can be made from paper, wood, glass, or metals.   I decided that saucer beads should be included in what I do.  Naturally, everything takes longer when paper wrapping is involved.  The following bead hasn’t been fully coated yet, but I wanted everyone to see it.

A lot of saucer beads are small and more distinct.  The best way to describe them may be these beads have a thinner edge.  The following picture is a side view of a sterling silver saucer bead.

The top bead I created looks a bit forlorn.  It is not sealed, nor is it ready to be a piece of jewelry.  The following is a different bead, but it was rolled the same way. I hope this pendant opens your own creative process and you begin to think what “could be.”

There are experts in making paper saucer beads.  These beads are much wider than they are deep. They are beautiful.  For my jewelry, I don’t think I can use them that much. ….But I may change my mind at some point.  Look around the internet and see the different bead shapes.  Get inspired.

By the way, these two paper beads were made from recycled paper.

Keep Making Those Beads,
Janet (janettalk)

Pronunciation Rules?

I’m veering off topic, but I could not hold back.

I heard a television ad today.  The product is known all over the U.S. if not internationally. The person describing the product said something was “subleme”.  In fact, that word is on the package.  The problem is the spelling was sublime.  I am by no means the authority on grammar, etc.  But it does bother me when obvious rules of English are being ignored.  If a word ends in an “e”, isn’t the vowel before it considered long.  In other words, with the word lime, the”i” is emphasized.  It isn’t a soft “e”.

The first thing I thought about was my 6-year-old nephew.  He is learning to read.  How will people learn the basic pronunciation rules if PR people are willing to ignore them?

Since I am in an obvious snit about this, I wonder if I am missing something.  Am I?

Janet (janettalk)

You Tube

I have mentioned this before, but it bares another look.  “Upcycled Stuff” has a few videos that I think worthy of checking out.  I particularly encourage you to watch  It covers how to make paper beads out of cardboard.  I have found cardboard to be very resistant to rolling, and Trish explains how to get around that.  You can also find her at

By the way, since I don’t have a video camera, don’t look for any kind of instructional video from me.  Maybe that is for the best. 😉

Keep Beading,
Janet (janettalk)

Next:  Paper bead saucers

Do You Buy Paper Beads?

Many places have paper beads for sale.  Would you rather buy or make your own?

I’ve been thinking about that lately.  It takes me so long to make properly coated and matching beads that I wonder if I am wasting my time.  Since I use my beads mainly for earrings, I lean toward making my own.  For one thing, I’m “crazy” enough to believe if I am going to make jewelry with my beads, then I will make the best beads. (I know, it’s probably not true, but allow me some pride.)  Secondly choosing paper and wrapping the beads allows me to think through what I may want to create.  I begin to feel the excitement of all of the possibilities.

My thought today is I will continue to make beads.  I wonder if I’ll change my mind in the future…..

Keep making (or buying) those paper beads.

Janet (janettalk)

Sports Anyone?

Along with Christmas beads, I am also working on sports related themes.

First, let me show you how blatantly Christmas paper can look nothing like Christmas.

As I have said here before, you can never quite be sure what a bead will look like.  Would you have guessed it was a Christmas bead?

My sister, who is a pretty smart woman, suggested I use some paper related to sports.  I gave it a whirl!

This paper came from Tarheel Monthly. (and no, I am not affiliated with the University of North Carolina.)   In contrast to the Christmas bead, I believe a true Carolina fan would recognize the Carolina blue. Do you agree?

Janet (janettalk)

Website for Paper Recycling

I recently found this website that I thought some of you may enjoy reading.  This site has sections including workplace recycling, community recycling, and school recycling. The school section includes a lesson plan.  This may be particularly helpful to elementary teachers; especially since they include a poster to download.

Janet (janettalk)