More on Sealing

It is another rainy day here.  Of course that reminds me of the correct sealant for paper beads.  Mod Podge dries hard.  However, I still prefer several applications.  What happens to the bead after the Mod Podge dries is somewhat of a secret kept by many paper bead makers.  Some bead makers may not even use Mod Podge, but something else.  As you experiment, look for something that is non-yellowing.  One product I use is good old-fashion craft varnish.  Make sure you read the label before you buy.  It may not work for paper projects.  Do your homework and research!  The global environment is a concern, but lets face it, causing an environmental hazard inside your home is of the utmost importance.

All of these variations in approach are what makes each bead unique.

Make it Yours.

Janet (janettalk)


2 responses to “More on Sealing

  1. Hey Janet
    Thanks for sharing your experiences and trials. Your beads are beautiful.


    • Thank you for visiting. I took the liberty of going to your site, read your blog, and check out your art. I was particularly drawn to the vintage look of your jewelry. Nice. -Janet

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