Another Mistake When Wrapping Beads

I have never asked other bead makers, but I am hoping this is a common problem, and not just me.

Can you see what is about to happen with this bead?  Do you know what I did?

I let the glue seep inside the bead so that the inside of the bead and toothpick bonded.  Sometimes you can save the bead, but most of the time you can’t.  I kept pulling just to show you the final outcome.

Isn’t that just sad?  I threw it away.  Sometimes you have to look at your loses, learn, and move on.   That sounds good, but sometimes it is irratating!  If I have two beads that are basically a match, and I have a gluing accident, my earring plan will be wiped out. (I don’t mass produce.)  If you are paper-bead making, just beware.

Happy Beading,

Janet (janetttalk)


One response to “Another Mistake When Wrapping Beads

  1. This cracks me up when it happens. Usually I can save the bead by twisting the toothpick hard from side to side without pulling at the end, which tears off the layer of paper glued to it; sometimes the bead is glued so thoroughly that you can’t even get it to spiral off, and the toothpick is forever lodged inside.

    I tend to make many beads though, and only pluck out earring pairs after they are all varnished and cured.

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