Paper Beads: Another Way

As I said earlier everyone has their own way.  I do not paint or color my beads.  (at this moment anyway.)  But I found an artist who makes beautiful beads and adds more color to the original paper.  She also seals her paper differently from what I read.  She has several colors, but I chose pink so you could see what I am writing about.  Beautiful, right?

If you are new to paper beads : Note her beads were made from a rectangular piece of paper, not a triangle.

Paper Beads - Pink Script mini bag

You can see other of Gillian’s pieces at:

Gillian’s shop not only has paper beads, but her own artwork.  Visit her shop at the above address.

I probably shouldn’t admit this, but I never thought of adding gold to the end of each bead.

Note:  I feel it necessary to say I am in no way financially attached to this shop.  I am simply offering ideas and examples of creative people.

Janet (janettalk)


3 responses to “Paper Beads: Another Way

  1. Thanks Janet. I’m so pleased that you like my beads enough to feature them here :o)

  2. I have bought several sets of Gillian’s beads and they are even more beautiful in person.

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