Paper and Recycled Items

I began recycling paper less than a year ago.  As I have researched, I am surprised at the number of people who recycle using paper.  What people create from “used” paper is fascinating.  Note: Just to be clear, please know I am not financially tied to the artists below.  I am trying to open a world to recycled paper and other recycled elements.

Isn’t this classic car paper purse just wonderful? Heather has made other purses from magazines, but this “classic car” bag just struck my fancy.

Recycled magazine wallet

How about using paper coasters from ? Look at this in detail.  The top looks so even.  It must have been a very slow process….or she knows what she is doing!

Light and Dark. Set of 2 Upcycled Magazine Page Coasters

This bowl is quite beautiful, and very unique.  The creator uses paper pulp from recycled newspaper.   I’m not familiar with the process, but Linda uses the medium beautifully.

Recycled Paper Pulp Collage Bowl Blue and Orange

Obviously I am an etsy fan, (I have my own shop) but there are other places where you can make purchases, or even start your own recycled paper project.

I also found corporations who make countertops using recycled paper.  After reading information from several companies, I want to look at these counter surfaces. It is an intriguing idea.

More later on other people who recycle using paper.  I encourage everyone to buy products made by people who individually create each piece.  There is a ground swell of very talented people who are passionate about their medium.  Your purchase would most likely be unique; and in this world of mass marketing the idea of owning something different is, well, special.


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