Shapes of Paper

In order to make beads of different shapes, the paper has to be cut differently.  This may seem elementary, but I didn’t grasp the full gravity of that until I began to roll beads.  Most beads are made using the triangle method.  I am attaching a file at the bottom of this blog, but please note this is not a template.  It is only for instructional purposes only.  Triangle A. shows what I believe to be the usual shape most people use.  It will make an elongated bead.  B. reflects the general shape for a more rounded bead.

From my own experience triangle A is easier.  Regarding B, getting a bead to be in a round “ball” takes a bit of time.  And in both cases, the beads must be of a similar size if you are making earrings.  Other projects do not require as much precision as matching earrings.

A long rectangular strip of paper makes what I call “roll bead”.  Think of a much smaller version of a roll of paper towels.  The width of the paper will be the width of the bead.  Again, if you are making earrings, make sure the length and width match.

Regarding color, the end of the paper strip is more important than the beginning. The end is what shows the most.  It is very easy to take a piece of paper, cut two exact triangles or rectangle, and have the paper bead look completely different.

When you are marking the paper before you cut it, use the back side of the paper. It is instinct to use the side that will be on the outside.  That way you will know the color of the narrow side of the paper.  But don’t do it!  Sooner or later you’ll end up with pencil lines “trimming” the bead.  That or ink will give it a dirty look.

I’m having a difficult time inserting pictures.  Since I’m new to using wordpress, I need to get up to speed.  Much of what I have described will be much more apparent with a few pictures.  Thank you for giving me time.



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